The Boy From Oz (2003)

Released: November 18, 2003
Label: Decca Broadway

Cast: Hugh Jackman (Peter Allen), Isabel Keating (Judy Garland), Stephanie J. Block (Liza Minnelli), Beth Fowler (Marion Woolnough), Jarrod Emick (Greg Connell), John Hill (Mark Herron)

Libretti by: Nick Enright
Lyrics by: Peter Allen
Music by: Peter Allen

An asterisk (*) denotes a song featuring Hugh.

» Synopsis

Entertainer Peter Allen is performing a cabaret in which he describes his life story, explaining how he came to terms with who he was and integrated the various influences in his life (THE LIVES OF ME). In retrospect we learn how in the 1950s, the young Peter Woolnough started singing, dancing and playing the piano in rural Australia. He changes his last name to Allen and performed concerts in Australia and Asia as one half of a duo known as “The Allen Brothers.” He meets American performer Judy Garland, who hires him for her show. Thus he achieves a dream to work in New York. Peter soon becomes romantically involved with Judy’s daughter Liza, and they marry. Peter appears in New York City with The Rockettes. As time progresses Peter develops a relationship with a man, Greg Connell, and his marriage ends (I’D RATHER LEAVE WHILE I’M IN LOVE). Ultimately he finds peace with his sexuality (BI-COASTAL) and the legacy of his alcoholic father (TENTERFIELD SADDLER) but is unable to overcome his mortality (ONCE BEFORE I GO).