Deception (2008)

Director: Marcel Langenegger
Writer: Mark Bomback

Cast: Hugh Jackman (Jamie Getz, aka Wyatt Bose), Ewan McGregor (Jonathan McQuarry), Michelle Williams (“S”), Maggie Q (Tina), Lisa Gay Hamilton (Detective J. Russo), Natasha Henstridge (Simone Wilkinson), Charlotte Rampling (Wall Street Belle), Javier Godino (Spanish Bank Manager)

Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Released: April 28, 2008 (USA)
Running time: 107 minutes
MPAA: R — sexual content, language, brief violence, some drug use

Cat and mouse. Jonathan McQuarry is an auditor in Manhattan, moving from office to office checking their books. While working late, a smooth and well-dressed man named Wyatt Bose chats Jonathan up, offers him a joint, and soon they’re pals. When their cell phones are accidentally swapped, Jonathan answers Wyatt’s phone to a series of women asking if he’s free tonight. Jonathan discovers it’s a sex club: busy powerful people meet each other anonymously in hotels. Jonathan falls for one of the club members, whom he knows only as “S,” whom he’s also seen on a subway. When she goes missing, patterns emerge and Jonathan faces demands involving violence and lots of money.

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» Trivia

• Had a seven-week shoot.

• Earlier titles of the film included The List and The Tourist.

• The match that Ewan McGregor’s character sees is a real football match between two teams from Uruguay, which took place in 2006. The teams are called “Nacional” (white blue and red shirt) and “Peñarol” (black and yellow shirt).

• Despite the fact that this was filmed in high-definition video and Super 35, “Filmed in Panavision” is shown in the end credits.

• Hugh Jackman’s ex-business partner, John Palermo, produced this alongside Hugh.

» Quotes

Jonathan McQuarry: [after having sex with a woman in The List] Can I ask you something? Why do you do this?
Wall Street Belle: For the same reason that men do it – the economics of the arrangement. It’s intimacy without intricacy. I work past midnight almost every night.

[repeated line]
Simone Wilkinson: Are you free tonight?

Wyatt Bose: Don’t think you cannot climb the wall. You’re the only one guarding it.

Jonathan McQuarry: Why should I trust you… everything you told me was a lie
Wyatt Bose: Oh… not lies Jonathan… that was FOREPLAY… now you are F…!

Wyatt Bose: So do you like this work?
Jonathan McQuarry: Yea, I do. The order of it appeals to me… the symmetry… It’s alright, I guess, if you like working with numbers.

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