Scoop (2006)

Director: Woody Allen
Writer: Woody Allen

Cast: Scarlett Johansson (Sondra Pransky), Woody Allen (Sid Waterman), Hugh Jackman (Peter Lyman), Ian McShane (Joe Strombel), Charles Dance (Mr. Malcom), Romola Garai (Vivian), Kevin R. McNally (Mike Tinsley), Julian Glover (Lord Lyman), Victoria Hamilton (Jan), Fenelle Woolgar (Jane Cook)

Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance
Released: July 28, 2006 (USA)
Running time: 96 minutes
MPAA: PG-13 — some sexual content

In the funeral of the famous British journalist Joe Strombel, his colleagues and friends recall how obstinate he was while seeking for a scoop. Meanwhile the deceased Joe discloses the identity of the tarot card serial killer of London. He cheats the Reaper and appears to the American student of journalism Sondra Pransky, who is on the stage in the middle of a magic show of the magician Sidney Waterman in London, and tells her that the murderer is the aristocrat Peter Lyman. Sondra drags Sid in her investigation, seeking for evidences that Peter is the killer. However, she falls in love with him and questions if Joe Strombel is right in his scoop.

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Scoop is one of three 2006 films to feature both the topic of magic and magicians as main characters. The other two are The Illusionist and The Prestige, the second of which also stars Hugh Jackman and Scarlett Johansson. Woody Allen was tutored magic and illusion for the movie by Scott Penrose.

• The lead character (originally an adult journalist) was tailored specifically to Johansson, whom Woody Allen observed as having an unused “funny” quality about her while working on the previous film Match Point.

• The film is the second of Woody Allen’s films (the other being Hollywood Ending) not to have a UK theatrical release.

• The song that plays at the end of the movie, and used predominately as the theme throughout is called “In The Hall of the Mountain King.”

» Quotes

Sid Waterman: I love you, really. With all due respect, you’re a beautiful person. You’re a credit to your race.

Sid Waterman: I was born into the Hebrew persuasion, but when I got older I converted to narcissism

Funeral Speaker: Don’t mourn for Joe Stromble. Joe Stromble had a full life. A newspaper man in the best tradition. A great credit to the Fourth Estate. It didn’t matter if the bombs of the war zone were falling, it didn’t matter how high up the political scandal went, or how many big corporations or small time racketeers leaned on him. Whatever the risk, if there was a story there, Joe went after it. And he usually got it.

Sid Waterman: I don’t need to work out. My anxiety acts as aerobics.

Sondra Pransky: You are a cynical crapehanger who always see the glass half-empty!
Sid Waterman: No, you’re wrong. I see the glass half full, but of poison.

Sid Waterman: The man is a liar and a murderer, and I say that with all due respect.

Sondra Pransky: This guy is a serial killer! He could just kill at any moment!
Sid Waterman: Yeah, I heard that part. That’s when I knew I was gonna make other plans.

Joe Strombel: This’ll be the biggest story to hit London since Jack the Ripper.
Sondra Pransky: Jack the Ripper. Is that capitalized?

Sid Waterman: We need to put our heads together.
Sondra Pransky: If we put OUR heads together, it would make a hollow sound.

Sid Waterman: You’re a pretty girl. You know, I think you could probably get this guy to get interested in you.
Sondra Pransky: Oh, you’re silly…
Sid Waterman: Yeah, particularly if he’s got a twisted mind.

Sid Waterman: I was in the lounge, I heard you drowning, I finished my tea and scones and came immediately!

Sondra Pransky: What are you putting in your Metamucil?

Sid Waterman: You know not everything in the world is sinister… just practically everything.

Sid Waterman: Not everything in this world is sinister… just practically everything.
Sondra Pransky: Ugh… the Indian food made me sick.
Sid Waterman: What? You barely touched your cobra salad, how can you be sick?

Sid Waterman: Oh yes, she can’t swim. She sinks like a stone! It’s a family trait, actually, lack of buoyancy. Her siblings suffer from it too.

Sondra Pransky: [to Sid] Stop telling people I sprang from your loins!

Sid Waterman: Actually, I bought my first Reubens with my poker winnings.
Garden Party Guest: You bought a Rubens painting?
Sid Waterman: Oh, oh, no. Not a painting. A reuben sandwich.

Sid Waterman: This guy must be some lover if you’re ready to drop the whole investigation! I must find out what breakfast cereal he eats…

Sondra Pransky: Get this – Peter’s mother, Lady Eleanor, had dark brunette shoulder-length hair.
Sid Waterman: But she’s not a hooker?
Sondra Pransky: [pause] No, Sid, she’s not a hooker! God, honestly, sometimes I wonder about what goes on in that brain of yours!

Peter Lyman: What’s wrong? Are you crying?
Sondra Pransky: No, I’m too tough to cry. My nasal passages do get congested when I’m sad, though.

Sid Waterman: You’re alone up there with a very, very dangerous man! That’s two “very’s”!

Sondra Pransky: I wouldn’t be surprised if he asked me to marry him someday.
Sid Waterman: You come from an orthodox family, would they accept a serial killer?

Sondra Pransky: Why would Peter kill a prostitute?
Sid Waterman: Because it looks bad on his resume!

Sid Waterman: I don’t know what you’ve been smoking, but don’t try to bring it through customs.

Sondra Pransky: Why don’t you think about this as adding some excitement to your life?
Sid Waterman: Sweetheart, excitement in my life is dinner without heartburn after it.

Peter Lyman: I just can’t get the vision of you in your swimsuit out of my head.
Sondra Pransky: Oh I’m glad you liked it! It was marked down!

Sid Waterman: Well did you accomplish anything besides a possible pregnancy?

Sid Waterman: They’ll take us to the Tower of London and behead us!

Sid Waterman: What about Indian food, do you like spicy food?
Sondra Pransky: No, no, it’s OK, I don’t have that much of an appetite.
Sid Waterman: But you will, when they bring out the prawns in hydrochloric acid…

Sondra Pransky: Do you have a family?
Sid Waterman: I had a wife but sh… she dumped me if you can believe that.
Sondra Pransky: Somehow…
Sid Waterman: She thought I was immature and that I never grew up… I had a great rebuttal for her, I coulda nailed her, you know, but uh… I raised my hand, she would not call on me.

Sid Waterman: You’re the daughter I never had.
Sondra Pransky: [touched] Oh, Sidney…
Sid Waterman: No, no, I’m kidding, I’m kidding. Cause I never wanted to have kids. I didn’t because you have kids… what is it? You know you’re nice to them… you bring them up… you suffer… y-you take care of them… and then they grow up and… and… and they accuse… uh… you of having Alzheimer’s.

Sondra Pransky: I think it’s time that we show my story to a real journalist.
Sid Waterman: What do you mean, a real journalist?
Sondra Pransky: One that’s living.

Sondra Pransky: He asked me to go dancing with him.
Sid Waterman: That’s perfect strategy. You worm your way in like a rodent or a roach, and as the crumbs fall off the table, you collect them and we analyze them.

Sondra Pransky: [Speaking of the ghost] Look, the spirit appeared next to me. at first I thought he was one of your stooges.
Sid Waterman: I don’t work with stooges. You know, because you gotta pay them health benefits.

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