X-Men (2000)

Director: Bryan Singer
Writer: Bryan Singer (story), David Hayter, Tom DeSanto (story)

Cast: Patrick Stewart (Professor Charles Xavier), Hugh Jackman (Logan / Wolverine), Ian McKellen (Erik Lehnsherr / Magneto), Famke Janssen (Dr. Jean Grey), Halle Berry (Ororo Munroe / Storm), Anna Paquin (Marie / Rogue), Tyle Mane (Sabretooth), Bruce Davison (Senator Robert Kelly), Ray Park (Toad), Rebecca Romijn-Stamos (Mystique), Shawn Ashmore (Bobby Drake / Iceman)

Genres: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Released: July 14, 2000 (USA)
Running time: 104 minutes
MPAA: PG-13 — sci-fi action violence

In a world where both Mutants and Humans fear each other, Marie D’Ancanto, better known as Rogue, runs away from home and hitches a ride with another mutant, known as Logan, a.k.a. Wolverine. Charles Xavier, who owns a school for young mutants, sends Storm and Cyclops to bring them back before it is too late. Magneto, who believes a war is approaching, has an evil plan in mind, and needs young Rogue to help him.

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» Trivia

• Bryan Singer’s first choice to play Wolverine was Russell Crowe, but he turned it down when he was denied a higher fee. Aaron Eckhart, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Viggo Mortensen and Edward Norton were considered for the role (Eckhart and Norton would appear in 2008 unrelated superhero films). Keanu Reeves and Gary Sinise were the studio’s preferred choices for the role. Dougray Scott was cast, but he had to drop out due to schedule conflicts with Mission: Impossible II. Finally a then-relatively unknown actor, Hugh Jackman, was cast as Wolverine.

• Hugh Jackman took cold showers to help him create Wolverine’s berserker rage.

• There were three types of Wolverine claws – plastic, wood, and steel – and more than 700 individual claw blades were used by Hugh Jackman and his four stunt doubles.

• Rebecca Romijn’s make-up as Mystique consisted of 110 custom-designed prostheses, which covered 60% of her body and took nine hours to apply. She could not drink wine, use skin creams, or fly the day before filming, because it could have caused her body chemistry to change slightly, causing the prosthetics to fall off.

• Most of the eye effects were achieved by the actors wearing special contact lenses. However, the cast found these lenses uncomfortable and dangerous to wear: Rebecca Romijn could only wear her Mystique lenses for one hour at a time, and had only 10% vision; Tyler Mane kept his Sabretooth lenses in for too long, and ended up getting blinded for a day; and Halle Berry wore her opaque white Storm lenses only once, found them unbearable, and insisted she have CGI for her eyes.

• Ten Wolverine costumes were built out of thick leather and PVC, and were designed to take a beating. All of them were destroyed to some extent during filming.

• Hugh Jackman had to undergo training from a hand-to-hand combat specialist to learn how to handle the Wolverine claws.

• Bryan Singer had one of his stunt men, Scott Leva, dress in a Spider-Man suit and confront actors James Marsden (Cyclops), Famke Janssen (Jean Grey), and Halle Berry (Storm) on set one day as a joke. Leva had actually dressed up in an identical Spider-Man costume once before for Marvel Comics in 1985 for the cover of “The Amazing Spider-Man” comic book, issue #262. In the outtake, Spider-Man realizes that he’s in the wrong movie, backs off and runs away, with Cyclops chasing after him shortly after. This can be seen as an “Easter Egg” on the first DVD edition of the movie, but not the “X-Men 1.5” DVD.

• James Marsden, despite being nearly six feet tall, had to wear platform shoes to appear taller than Hugh Jackman, who was six feet two inches; these platform shoes can be clearly seen as Cyclops scales the wall at Liberty Island. He also had to stand on an apple box to appear taller next to one of the boys at the train station; as a prank, Tyler Mane set up an apple box in Marsden’s trailer bathroom with a note: “This is so you can reach your sink.”

• 28 drafts of the screenplay were written by several different writers. While David Hayter received sole credit, the other writers who contributed to the screenplay and went uncredited are Ed Solomon, Christopher McQuarrie, Joss Whedon, James Schamus, and John Logan.

• After the film was completed, the wheelchair that the character Professor Xavier used was sold in an auction to Patrick Stewart’s attorney, and then rented back by the production company for X2.

• Wolverine’s line, “What do they call you, ‘Wheels?'” was an ad-lib by Hugh Jackman (the scripted line was, “What do they call you, Baldie?”).

• James Marsden turned down a role in Soul Survivors, in order to take part in this movie.

• Neither Sir Patrick Stewart or Sir Ian McKellen knew how to play chess during filming.

• In 1997, Angela Bassett and Janet Jackson were approached to play Storm, and later Jada Pinkett Smith was in consideration for the role. Bassett would later go on to play Amanda Waller in Green Lantern.

• Sarah Michelle Gellar and Christina Ricci were considered for the role of Rogue. Natalie Portman turned down the role (she would go on to star as Jane Foster in Thor).

• In the comics the X-Men wore a distinctive blue-gold uniform, but the filmmakers revised the uniform to black leather suits. Tom DeSanto explained that test designs of the X-Men in their blue-gold outfits were unsuccessful, and Bryan Singer noted that durable black leather made more sense for the X-Men to wear as protective clothing. Despite support from Stan Lee and Chris Claremont, many fans were upset about the change in costumes, so Bryan Singer added dialogue referring to the issue – when Wolverine complains about the uniforms, Cyclops replies “What would you prefer, yellow spandex?” The blue-gold uniforms would appear in the prequel X-Men: First Class.

• In the Hamilton location (the train station scenes), the director, Bryan Singer, was mistaken for an onlooker, and was harassed by a policeman, not letting him join the production team for some moments.

• Hugh Jackman got his testicles caught in his harness after a 6 foot jump off the set’s Statue of Liberty.

• Joss Whedon wrote a draft of the script, but it got rejected because according to Whedon it had a “quick-witted, pop-culture referencing tone” which didn’t fit the X-Men. Only two lines of dialogue from his script were used in the final film: the exchange between Cyclops and Wolverine when Cyclops suspects he is Mystique; and Storm’s statement about “what happens to a toad when it is struck by lightning.” Ironically, Whedon’s “X-Men” comic ‘Gifted’ would be a major inspiration for X-Men: The Last Stand; furthermore Whedon himself would go on to direct The Avengers, another superhero team.

• Hugh Jackman’s physique looks slightly different in different scenes because he was cast 1.5 months after principal photography had started and kept working out extensively while shooting continued.

• Patrick Stewart was the first actor to be cast as a mutant, and in fact had been a fan-favorite for the role of Professor X since the 1990s.

• Similar to Magneto’s and Rogue’s background segments, scenes explaining Storm’s and Cyclops’ backgrounds were scripted and storyboarded, but never shot. Storm’s background segment involved her changing the weather drastically in her home country in Africa and causing vast damage; Cyclops’ story would show him manifesting his mutant power at school as a teenager, causing him to accidentally destroy a school bathroom. There was a brief talk of shooting these scenes while shooting X2 in order to insert them into the X-Men Special Edition DVD, but the idea was later scrapped. However, the bathroom set (which had actually been built) was used for the scene in X2 where Mystique drugs Magneto’s guard with a metal solution.

• Rebecca Romijn’s make-up process involved putting on more than 60 self-adhesive prosthetics developed specifically for the movie, followed by air-brushing the blue paint. The make-up team was reluctant in using food coloring for her make-up because of its difficulty to remove, but used it after discovering a new chemical that could very quickly and easily remove food coloring.

• Bruce Davison was the first actor to be cast.

• Edward Burns was considered for the part of Cyclops. D.B. Sweeney auditioned for the role (he has a cameo in the film as a police officer). Thomas Jane turned down the role (Jane went on to play The Punisher alongside Rebecca Romijn). Eric Mabius’ and Vince Vaughn were interested in the role. Jim Caviezel was cast as Cyclops, but he had to drop out due to schedule conflicts with Frequency and was finally replaced with James Marsden.

• Musician Glenn Danzig, whose muscular physique and height (5’4″) almost perfectly matched the Wolverine character portrayed in the comic books, was interviewed for the role of Wolverine. A common myth has it that he was offered a part in the movie, but this confusion occurs largely because Danzig was actually offered the role some ten years earlier – when Carolco held the rights to an X-Men film and was considering a low-budget production. However, due to the high-budget and status of the 2000 production, as well as Danzig’s age and relative lack of acting experience, and the requirement that the Wolverine actor be signed to a multi-picture deal spanning several years, it is highly unlikely that Danzig could have won the role in Bryan Singer’s film. Regardless, a scheduling conflict prevented him from any subsequent pursuit of the role.

• Jeri Ryan was in the running for Mystique.

• Both Maria Bello and Lucy Lawless were considered for the role of Jean Grey.

• According to Bryan Singer at WonderCon 2006, he initially approached John Williams to compose the score for the film, but Williams wasn’t available at the time because he was scoring Saving Private Ryan.

• In order to keep her look a secret, Rebecca Romijn had to sit in an isolated, windowless room when not required for shooting: “I had almost no contact with the rest of the cast, it was like I was making a different movie from everyone else. It was hell.”

• Bryan Singer cast Halle Berry as Storm after seeing her performance in Introducing Dorothy Dandridge.

• WWE wrestler Kevin Nash was offered the role of Sabretooth, but he turned it down due to schedule conflicts.

• The scene in the train station where a young boy smiles at Cyclops and he smiles back was unplanned. The boy was a huge X-Men fan, and Cyclops was his favorite. The scene originally called for Cyclops to look at the train schedule, but according to Bryan Singer the boy could not stop smiling at James Marsden. Finally, during one shot, Marsden just looked back at him and smiled, much to the boy’s delight. Bryan Singer liked the idea so much, he kept it in the film, and told the actress playing the boy’s mother to react the way she did.

• This is the first film based on a Marvel comic that Stan Lee provides a cameo for.

• Terence Stamp, David Hemblenm and Sir Christopher Lee were considered for the role of Magneto. Ultimately Bryan Singer chose Sir Ian McKellen for the role, who had acted in Singer’s previous film Apt Pupil and as an activist for gay rights understood the role well: “Ian responded to the allegory of mutants as outsiders, disenfranchised and alone and coming to all that at puberty when their differences manifest.”

• Robert Rodriguez and Tim Burton (who directed the 1989-1992 Batman films) were approached to direct the film, but turned it down in favor of other films. Richard Donner (producer Lauren Shuler Donner’s husband, who directed Superman), Joel Schumacher (who directed the 1995-97 Batman films), Brett Ratner, John McTiernan, Danny Boyle, Stephen Hopkins, and Irvin Kershner were considered to direct the film before Bryan Singer was finally chosen.

• Shortly after accepting the role of Magneto, Ian McKellen was offered the role of Gandalf in Lord of the Rings, which originally he had to decline. He spoke to Bryan Singer about his interest in making Lord of the Rings, and Singer agreed to rearrange the film’s shooting schedule so that McKellen would finish his scenes by the end of 1999, freeing him up to travel to New Zealand in January 2000, where Lord of the Rings had been in production since October 1999.

• To celebrate her last day on set, Rebecca Romijn brought in a bottle of tequila, which she gave to her fellow cast/crew during a break in filming. Unfortunately, that day she happened to be filming the Wolverine/Mystique fight scene, and she threw up blue-colored vomit (from the chemicals in her make-up) all over Hugh Jackman.

• Most of the cast, especially James Marsden and Sir Patrick Stewart, prepared for their roles by reading the X-Men comics.

• Veteran actor David Hemblen, who voiced Magneto in X-Men, was considered to reprise his role in live-action. It appealed to him, but he had to turn it down due to scheduling conflicts.

• This was Bryan Singer’s first sci-film, so to gain a better understanding of practical and digital VFX he visited the production sets of Titanic and Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace.

• VFX director Sean C. Cunningham and compositor Claas Henke morphed Bruce Davison into a liquid figure for Senator Kelly’s mutation/mutant scenes. Cunningham said it was an arduous job back then that took 39 hours per frame: “There were many digital layers: water without refraction, water with murkiness, skin with/without highlights, skin with goo in it.” They considered showing Kelly’s internal organs during the transformation, but Cunningham thought that seemed too gruesome.

• Bryan Singer made Rogue a pivotal character in the film because her ability to drain people and nearly kill them was the most symbolic of alienation.

• Bryan Singer turned down the film three times, believing that comic books were unintelligent literature. However, after reading the X-Men comics and watching “X-Men,” he found the story’s themes of prejudice and discrimination compelling and finally agreed to do a live-action movie.

• A full silicone cast of Hugh Jackman’s arm was taken in order to appropriately design Wolverine’s claws.

• Tom DeSanto chose Bryan Singer as director after watching The Usual Suspects, impressed with how Singer handled an ensemble cast in that film.

• In 1996, Brett Ratner was considered to direct this film. Ten years later he would direct X-Men: The Last Stand.

• The Danger Room, a training facility at the X-Mansion, was going to be in the film. However the filmmakers, after a lot of debate, cut it out of the script to make the film move faster. The Danger Room was slated to appear for X2, but again was cut out due to budget restrictions. It would finally appear in X-Men: The Last Stand.

• Originally Beast (Dr. Hank McCoy) was going to be in the final film, but he was cut out for the sequels; elements of Beast, however, were incorporated into Jean Gray (she serves as a medical doctor, as well as a political supporter of mutant rights).

• Rogue has never had a name in the comics since her debut in 1981, but in this film she gets the human name of Marie. In X2, her full name is revealed as Marie D’Ancato.

• Peta Wilson was offered the role of Jean Grey, but had to film the fourth season of “La Femme Nikita.”

• When Mystique impersonates Iceman (Bobby Drake) to make Rogue leave the school, it is possible to see Bobby’s breath even though the film appears to be set in midsummer. This trait, an after-effect of Bobby’s ability, was widely appreciated by fans and seen as Bryan Singer’s dedication to the “X-Men” saga. However, it is now more accepted as an error since it was Mystique’s impersonation. The effect was however intentionally added into X2 when Iceman and Rogue share a kiss.

• Near the end, during the Wolverine/Mystique fight scene, there is a moment where Mystique kicks Wolverine in the groin. At that moment, there is a metallic ‘ping’ (similar to the one in the beginning when the man in the cage match punches Wolverine’s fist), which is probably an ‘in-joke’ to Wolverine having ‘balls of steel’ (or in this case, adamantium).

• The filmmakers thought the treatment by Tom DeSanto and Bryan Singer was perfect as it took seriously the social issues the “X-Men” comics were noted for reflecting:
Senator Kelly’s proposal of a Mutant Registration act echoes the efforts of U.S. Congress’s efforts to ban Communism in the States. Kelly brandishes a list of known mutants and exclaims “‘We must know who these mutants are and what they can do!” an event copied from Senator Joseph McCarthy who claimed to have a list of known American Communists working in the government.
Kelly further questions whether mutants should be allowed to teach children in school, which mirrors the Section 28 issue (the banning of homosexual teachers in school, which Sir Ian McKellen was involved in).
a deleted scene has Storm teaching a historical lesson about how Constantine I’s conversion to Christianity ended the persecution of early Christians in the Roman Empire, which foreshadows Magneto’s plot to force world leaders to accept mutantkind by mutating them.
Magneto talks about the act having mutants “in chains, with a number burned into their forehead” – the situation he describes is similar to what happened to the Jews in Nazi Germany (Magneto himself is a World War II survivor).
Magneto’s last lines contain the phrase “By any means necessary.” This phrase was coined by civil-rights revolutionary Malcolm X; the relationship between Magneto and Professor X has been compared, respectively, to that of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, both of whom held differing philosophical views.

» Quotes

[first lines]
Prof. Charles Francis Xavier: [narration] Mutation: it is the key to our evolution. It has enabled us to evolve from a single-celled organism into the dominant species on the planet. This process is slow, and normally taking thousands and thousands of years. But every few hundred millennia, evolution leaps forward.

[Cyclops doesn’t know if Logan’s an impostor]
Wolverine: Hey! It’s me.
Cyclops: Prove it!
Wolverine: You’re a dick.
Cyclops: Okay.

Wolverine: Magneto’s right: there is a war coming. Are you sure you’re on the right side?
Storm: At least I’ve chosen a side.

[about his claws]
Rogue: When they come out… does it hurt?
Wolverine: Every time.

Dr. Jean Grey: Mutants are not the ones mankind should fear.

[to Senator Kelly]
Magneto: Are you a God-fearing man, Senator? That is such a strange phrase. I’ve always thought of God as a teacher; a bringer of light, wisdom, and understanding. You see, I think what you really fear is me. Me and my kind. The Brotherhood of Mutants. Oh, it’s not so surprising really. Mankind has always feared what it doesn’t understand. Well, don’t fear God, Senator, and certainly don’t fear me. Not any more.

Magneto: Welcome to the future.

Senator Kelly: I have here a list of names of identified mutants living right here in the United States.
Dr. Jean Grey: Senator…
Senator Kelly: Here’s a girl in Illinois who can walk through walls. Now what’s to stop her from walking into a bank vault, or the White House, or
[indicating the gallery]
Senator Kelly: into their houses?
Dr. Jean Grey: Senator, please…
Senator Kelly: …and there are even rumors, Miss Grey, of mutants so powerful that they can enter our minds and control our thoughts, taking away our God-given free will. Now I think the American people deserve the right to decide if they want their children to be in school with mutants. To be taught by mutants! Ladies and gentlemen, the truth is that mutants are very real, and that they are among us. We must know who they are, and above all, what they can do!

Prof. Charles Francis Xavier: Ah, Logan. I’d like you to meet Ororo Monroe, also called Storm. This is Scott Summers, also called Cyclops. They saved your life. I believe you already know Dr. Jean Grey. You are in my School for the Gifted for Mutants. You’ll be safe here from Magneto.
Wolverine: What’s a Magneto?
Prof. Charles Francis Xavier: A very powerful mutant. He believes that a war is brewing between mutants and the rest of humanity. I’ve been following his activities for some time. The man who attacked you is an associate of his called Sabertooth.
Wolverine: Sabertooth? [looks at Storm] Storm. [looks at Xavier] What do they call you? “Wheels”? This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Students. [looks at Cyclops] And Cyclops, right? [grabs Cyclops] You wanna get outta my way?
Prof. Charles Francis Xavier: Logan, it’s been almost fifteen years, hasn’t it? Living from day to day, moving from place to place, with no memory of who or what you are.
Wolverine: Shut up!
Prof. Charles Francis Xavier: Give me a chance. I might be able to help you find some answers.
Wolverine: How do you know?
Prof. Charles Francis Xavier: [telepathy] You’re not the only one with special gifts.

[to Sabretooth]
Wolverine: Hey, bub, I’m not finished with you yet.

Senator Kelly: What the hell have you done to me?
Magneto: Senator, this is pointless. Who would take you in now that you’re one of us?

[Logan confronts Magneto for the first time]
Magneto: You must be Wolverine. That remarkable metal doesn’t run through your entire body, does it?
Logan: What do you want with me?
Magneto: You? My dear boy, who ever said I wanted you?
[Logan looks at Marie]

Logan: So, what kind of name is Rogue?
Rogue: I don’t know. What kind of name is Wolverine?
Logan: My name is Logan.
Rogue: Marie.

Logan: [Logan’s first line] Beer.

Rogue: [tracing the passage along a map] Niagra Falls… up the Canadian Rockies, and then… it’s only a few hundred miles to Anchorage.
Rogue’s Boyfriend: Won’t it be kinda cold?
Rogue: Well, that’s the point, stupid, otherwise it wouldn’t be an adventure!

Magneto: [pointing to his head] Are you sneaking around in here, Charles? Whatever are you looking for?
Prof. Charles Francis Xavier: I’m looking for hope.
Magneto: I will bring you hope, old friend, and I ask only one thing in return – don’t get in my way.

Rogue: You know, you should wear your seat belt.
Wolverine: Now look, kid, I don’t need advice on auto…
[car crashes]

Dr. Jean Grey: I think you’ll be comfortable here.
Wolverine: Where’s your room?
Dr. Jean Grey: With Scott, down the hall.
Wolverine: Is that your gift? Putting up with that guy?
Dr. Jean Grey: Actually, I’m telekinetic. I can move things with my mind.
Wolverine: Really? What kind of things?
Dr. Jean Grey: [shuts closet doors behind him with her mind] All kinds of things. I also have some telepathic ability.
Wolverine: Like the Professor?
Dr. Jean Grey: Nowhere near that powerful. But he’s teaching me to develop it.
Wolverine: I’m sure he is. So read my mind.
Dr. Jean Grey: I’d rather not.
Wolverine: C’mon. You afraid you might like it?
Dr. Jean Grey: I doubt it.

[the X-Men help Senator Kelly, a victim of Magneto’s mutant machine]
Senator Kelly: I was afraid they’d…
Prof. Charles Francis Xavier: Treat you like a mutant? [pause] We’re not what you think. Not all of us.
Senator Kelly: Tell that to the ones who did this to me.

Rogue: The first boy I ever kissed ended up in a coma for three weeks. I can still feel him inside my head. It’s the same with you.
Wolverine: There’s not many people that’ll understand what you’re going through. But I think this guy, Xavier, is one of them. He seems to genuinely want to help you. And that’s a rare thing, for people like us.

Magneto: You “homo sapiens” and your guns!

Magneto: Still unwilling to make sacrifices. That’s what makes you weak. Goodbye, Charles.

[commenting on the X-Men uniforms]
Wolverine: You actually go outside in these things?
Cyclops: Well, what would you prefer? Yellow spandex?

Storm: Help us! Fight with us!
Logan: Fight with you! Join the team? Be an X-Man? Who the hell do you think you are? You’re a mutant. The whole world out there is full of people who hate and fear you and you’re wasting your time trying to protect them? I’ve got better things to do!

Senator Kelly: Thank you, Miss Grey! That was-quite educational. However it fails to address the issue which is the focus of this hearing. Three words: Are mutants dangerous?
Doctor Jean Grey: That’s an unfair question, Senator Kelly. After all, the wrong person behind the wheel of a car can be dangerous.
Senator Kelly: Well, we do license people to drive.
Doctor Jean Grey: But not to live.

Storm: Do you know what happens to a toad when it’s struck by lightning? [pause] The same thing that happens to everything else.

[trapped inside the Statue of Liberty]
Cyclops: Storm, fry him!
Magneto: Oh yes! A bolt of lightning into a huge copper conductor. I thought you lived at a school?

Prof. Charles Francis Xavier: Don’t give up on them, Erik.
Magneto: What would you have me do, Charles? I’ve heard these arguments before.
Prof. Charles Francis Xavier: That was a long time ago. Mankind has evolved since then.
Magneto: Yes, into us.

Mystique: [to Senator Kelly] You know, people like you are the reason I was afraid to go to school as a child.

[discussing Wolverine]
Prof. Charles Francis Xavier: There are more powerful mutants out there. Why should this one be so important?
Cyclops: Maybe it’s his way with people.
Prof. Charles Francis Xavier: You don’t like him?
Cyclops: How could you tell?
Prof. Charles Francis Xavier: Well, I am psychic, you know.

Wolverine: You going to tell me to stay away from your girl?
Cyclops: If I had to do that, she wouldn’t be my girl.
Wolverine: Well, then I guess you’ve got nothing to worry about, do ya, Cyclops?
Cyclops: It must burn you up that a boy like me saved your life, huh? Gotta be careful. I might not be there next time. Oh, and Logan – stay away from my girl.

Wolverine: Felt like she killed me.
Prof. Charles Francis Xavier: If she held on any longer, she could have.

[In the ring, before the fight with Wolverine]
Emcee: Whatever you do, don’t hit him in the balls.
Stu: You said “anything goes”!
Emcee: Anything goes, but he’ll take it personal.

[at the Statue of Liberty]
Magneto: Magnificent, isn’t she?
Rogue: I’ve seen it.
Magneto: I first saw her in 1949. America was going to be the land of tolerance. Peace.
Rogue: Are you going to kill me?
Magneto: Yes.
Rogue: Why?
Magneto: Because there is no land of tolerance. There is no peace. Not here, or anywhere else.

Prof. Charles Francis Xavier: Where are you going?
Wolverine: To find her.
Storm: How?
Wolverine: The traditional way: look!

Logan: There’s someone here.
Cyclops: Where?
Logan: I don’t know. Keep your eye open.

[Preparing Senator Kelly for the mutation machine]
Senator Kelly: What are you going to do?
Magneto: Let’s just say God works too slow.

Cyclops: All right, we can insert here at the George Washington Bridge, come around the bank just off of Manhattan, land on the far side of Liberty Island, here.
Wolverine: What about harbor patrol? Radar?
Cyclops: If they have anything that can pick up our jet, they deserve to catch us.

Senator Kelly: [on registering mutants] We must know who they are, and above all, what they can do.

Logan: Have you ever…
Dr. Jean Grey: Used Cerebro? No. It takes a degree of control and for someone like me it’s…
Cyclops: Dangerous.

Stu: You owe me some money.
Stu’s friend: Come on, Stu.
Stu: No one takes a beating like that without a mark to show for it.
Stu’s friend: Come on, Stu…
Stu: [leans in, whispering] I know what you are.
Wolverine: You lost your money. You keep this up you’ll lose something else.

Magneto: Why do none of you understand what I’m trying to do? Those people down there- they control our fate and the fate of every other mutant! Well, soon our fate will be theirs.
[Rogue screams for help]
Wolverine: You’re so full of shit! If you’re really so righteous, it’d be you in that thing.

[Cyclops lands the plane abruptly]
Cyclops: Sorry.
Wolverine: You call that a landing?

[Magneto shoots Rogue with a tranquilizer dart while she runs away]
Magneto: Young people.

Magneto: Toad has a wicked tongue, Senator. Just like you.

Mystique: [as Bobby] Never use your power against another mutant.

Dr. Jean Grey: I saw Senator Kelly.
Magneto: So, the senator survived the fall, and the swim to shore. He’s become more powerful than I imagined.
Dr. Jean Grey: He’s dead. Just like all those people out there will be.
Storm: It’s true. I watched him die.
Magneto: Are you sure you saw what you saw?

Prof. Charles Francis Xavier: Mankind is not evil, just… uninformed.

Wolverine: How is she?
Dr. Jean Grey: She’s fine. [pause] I think she’s still taken with you.
Wolverine: Well you can tell her… my heart belongs to… someone else.

Dr. Jean Grey: [after examining Wolverine] The metal is an alloy called adamantium, supposedly indestructible. It’s been surgically grafted to his entire skeleton.
Storm: How could he have survived a procedure like that?
Dr. Jean Grey: His mutation. He has uncharted regenerative capabilities, enabling him to heal rapidly. It also makes his age impossible to determine. He could very well be older than you, Professor.
Cyclops: Who did this to him?
Dr. Jean Grey: He doesn’t know. Nor does he remember anything about his life before it happened.
Prof. Charles Francis Xavier: Experimentation on mutants. It’s not unheard of, but I’ve never seen anything like this before.
Cyclops: What do you think Magneto wants with him?
Prof. Charles Francis Xavier: I’m not entirely sure it’s him Magneto wants.

[Storm comes back up through the elevator]
Toad: Don’t you people ever die?

Cyclops: [about Wolverine] He’s not one of us. There’s no way he’s going to take orders.
Prof. Charles Francis Xavier: Give him an order worth following. He’ll take it.

Wolverine: [to Jean Gray] So… couldn’t wait to get my shirt off again. [grins]

Wolverine: [to Rogue] What do you say we give the geeks another chance?

[Xavier and Magneto play a game of chess at Magneto’s cell]
Magneto: Does it ever wake you in the middle of the night? The feeling that one day they will pass that foolish law or one just like it, and come for you? And your children?
Prof. Charles Francis Xavier: It does, indeed.
Magneto: What do you do, when you wake up to that?
Prof. Charles Francis Xavier: I feel a great swell of pity for the poor fool who comes to that school… looking for trouble.
Magneto: [halts the game, sighs] Why do you come here, Charles?
Prof. Charles Francis Xavier: Why do you ask questions to which you already know the answer?
Magneto: Ah, yes. Your continuing search for hope.
[motions to the guard to take Xavier away]
Magneto: You know this plastic prison of theirs won’t hold me forever. The war is still coming, Charles. And I intend to fight it, by any means necessary.
Prof. Charles Francis Xavier: And I will always be there, old friend.

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