Hugh Jackman, in Concert (Princess of Wales Theatre)

Run date: July 5, 2011 – July 17, 2011
Theater: Princess of Wales Theatre (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Cast: Hugh Jackman ([HIMSELF])

Directed by: Warren Carlyle

Hugh Jackman performs his Broadway and Hollywood favorite musical numbers backed by a 17-piece orchestra.

» Song List

01. Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin’
02. One Night Only
03. I Won’t Dance
04. Crazy Little Thing Called Love / A Little Less Conversation
05. L.O.V.E.
06. The Way You Look Tonight *
07. Soliloquy
08. Fever
09. Rock Island
10. Take Me or Leave Me [Merle & Angel]
11. The Boy Next Door
12. Peter Allen Medley
13. Tenterfield Saddler
14. Movie Medley
15. Somewhere Over the Rainbow
16. Mack the Knife
17. Once Before I Go

The setlist changed throughout the two-week run. An average night consisted of these songs.
* Only in Deborra-Lee Furness’s presence.

» Reviews

“Jackman is clearly at home in front of an audience. With ease and seemingly little effort, he dances and improvises his way through an intimate program. Rare is it to see an artist performing a show like this at their peak (we’re usually treated to the twilight years). But Jackman is undoubtedly an artist at the top of his career. His one-man show hits all the right notes.”

“Instead, at every turn, Jackman seems to make it abundantly clear that in this moment — whether he’s riffing on the golden days of the movie musical, or feeling his way through a deeply memorable rendition of Carousel’s ‘Soliloquy,’ or reprising lesser-known Allen songs such as ‘Tenterfield Saddler’ or ‘Once Before I Go’ — there is nowhere else he would rather be. And no one else for whom he would rather be doing it. In the face of such open-hearted generosity, there’s probably not a single person in his audience who doesn’t know exactly how he feels.”

“Hugh Jackman in Concert doesn’t feel like a career move – it feels like fun, the work of a talented performer unexpectedly given the chance to do what he loves just for the hell of it. But where another star might have let that opportunity sour into a statement of ego, Jackman lets the audience share in his passion and his fun. It’s hard to imagine him ever having a better role.”

“Don’t even bother discussing whether or not you should go see Hugh Jackman in Concert at the Princess of Wales Theatre, where he opened on Tuesday night. Buy your tickets, count yourself lucky and then discuss which number you loved the best […] Lord, the man can sing. Whether he’s tearing into some vintage Fred Astaire or Gene Kelly, or bringing his heart and soul to some aboriginal Australian songs, he’s always there. That’s his real secret: the immediacy, the intensity and the reality he brings to every number he performs. This isn’t some guy dashing off a line of patter in between some ditties he thinks we might enjoy. This is a man singing from the bottom of his soul […] The next time someone asks you “What is a star?” all you have to do is say ‘Go see Hugh Jackman at the Princess of Wales.’ Yes, he’s that good.”

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