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The Greatest Showman Posters, Stills & Behind Scenes

The Greatest Showman Posters, Stills & Behind Scenes

I’ve added Posters, Stills and Behind Scene Images from The Greatest Showman, which opens next week.

Hugh Jackman nominated for a Golden Globe Award

Hugh Jackman nominated for a Golden Globe Award

Hugh Jackman has been nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy for his performance in The Greatest Showman.

The movie has also been nominated for Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy.

The song “This Is Me” has been nominated in the Best Original Song – Motion Picture category.

The 75th Golden Globe Awards airs on January 7, 2018 on NBC

The Greatest Showman Official Trailer

Here’s the first trailer for The Greatest Showman which is set to come out this Christmas.

Inspired by the imagination of P.T. Barnum, The Greatest Showman is an original musical that celebrates the birth of show business & tells of a visionary who rose from nothing to create a spectacle that became a worldwide sensation.

Bill Condon to Rewrite ‘The Greatest Showman on Earth’

Hugh Jackman has mentioned that there’s been recent movement on the previously stagnant The Greatest Showman on Earth, but now it seems the future musical on P.T. Barnum is breathing once more. Although Jenny Bicks (“Sex and the City”) wrote the original screenplay for the film, Oscar-winning writer and director Bill Condon has signed on to rewrite another draft. Condon’s most notable works include Chicago and Dreamgirls, so this new musical should be in good hands under his supervision.

The Hollywood Reporter also stated “commercials director and visual effects wizard Michael Gracey is on board to helm the biopic about the legendary showman who created the three-ring circus and loved to hoax a gullible public. A focal point of the movie is Barnum’s infatuation with opera singer Jenny Lind, dubbed the Swedish Nightingale. No actress is attached to that role yet.”

Hugh Talks Broadway, Past and Present; Updates on ‘Greatest Showman’

Even more snippets from an interview with Collider have surfaced, this time about Broadway. Hugh Jackman talks about his upcoming one-man show at the Broadhurst, his experiences in the theater over the years, and even provides some additional information on the much-anticipated musical on P.T. Barnum, The Greatest Showman on Earth. Check out the snippets below:

On choosing songs for his one-man show:
“It took me a year [to choose which songs I would perform]. My overall goal was that I desperately wanted to sing these songs. So the whole show would have a thing for me where if I’m busy and let’s say I have two weeks off, I would be like ‘I really want to go do this show for a week.’ rather than ‘Okay. I’m doing this show.’ It was really important to me to really choose stuff that I love and not just stuff that I thought people would love. I have an eclectic kind of…there is some musical theater from stuff that I’ve done and there’s stuff that I have wanted to do that I haven’t done. There are also standards, rock and roll, and a little bit of everything.”

On what drew him to Broadway and the difference between other theaters:
“I’m lucky to have worked in theater all over the world, but there’s something magical about Broadway. The audiences are smart, they’re educated. They go in ready and they’re up for it, they’re up for the party. It’s a whole different atmosphere. A lot of the other places where you do theater you have a feeling that you have to win them over. There’s little bit of them sitting on their hands. In Broadway, if they don’t like you, they’ll let you know early on. But then they’re like ‘Alright. Let’s go. We’re ready for a good night.’ There’s some combination between that, the history, the proximity of all of these theaters, and the community that exists in the theater – it’s just amazing. There’s actually footage of me somewhere in 1996 when I was doing a musical down in Australia. They sent me to New York to do a column piece, it was like an Australian 60 Minutes. There’s footage of me in Times Square being a dickhead going, ‘Can you believe this?! Look at this! Maybe one day…’ So you have to be careful what you wish for.”

On The Greatest Showman on Earth:
“[It’s] this idea of a Barnum type character, that story about him, which I’ve always found fascinating, but not using the Cy Coleman music that was there, finding new music, finding a different way to tell the story. That came to me and I thought, ‘This is a great idea.’ I thought it would be a great part to play. There is a script, but there is no music yet. So it’s fair to say that it’s a long ways off.”

‘The Greatest Showman on Earth’ Finds a Director

Is Les Miserables not enough musical for you? It seems like talks about The Greatest Showman on Earth aren’t just talks anymore, as a director has finally been attached to the P.T. Barnum biopic. Variety is reporting that Michael Gracey has signed on to helm the project, which has been described as “an original contemporary musical.”

Hugh Jackman is currently still committed to the project, though he has a very busy calendar ahead. Let’s just hope he gets more chances to show his singing and dancing chops in another movie-musical. Check out the plot of the film below, courtesy of Broadway World:

[Michael] Gracey is set to direct the biopic, about the legendary showman who created the three-ring circus, and loved to hoax a gullible public. A focal point of the movie is Barnum’s infatuation with opera singer Jenny Lind, called the Swedish Nightingale. So far, no actress has been cast for the role.