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New ‘Les Mis’ Feature in Entertainment Weekly

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Yet another Les Misérables feature can be found in this week’s edition of Entertainment Weekly. Previously, there was talk about costume and set designs for the film; in this issue, the matter at hand is a little more serious. With quotes from Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway, and director Tom Hooper, the article focuses heavily on the political inclination of Les Mis – both the novel and musical – and how important the story is even in today’s political climate (worldwide). It’s a great read, plus there’s some new shots from the film strewn throughout the pages.

“Your Heart Will Break for [Isabelle Allen],” Says Hugh

An article from has Hugh Jackman talking all about his Les Misérables co-stars, with emphasis on good friend, Russell Crowe. There’s a lot of really sweet quotes from Hugh, praising Russell, Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried, Samantha Barks, and even Isabelle Allen (who fans will see as young Cosette). He even mentions the harsh realities of singing live on set, and how performing on the Alps affected his voice. Check out an excerpt below before heading to the source for the rest:

Hugh [Jackman] described the scene that we were about to watch: “Today’s the barricade scene, so we’re in the midst of the revolution. The students are there amid the barricade, and my character disguises himself as a soldier to sneak past them and comes in as a volunteer to get behind. What he’s really doing is he’s coming to find Marius, because he’s intercepted a letter from Marius to Cosette, my daughter, declaring his love, and it says, ‘Now, I know you love me, too.’ So, this is where I finally meet the boy and I get embroiled in this fight.”

We heard Hugh sing live (the cast performs the songs live, which sets this movie musical apart) in take after take of this scene, so that tune lingered in our mind for days.

Not only did Hugh sing live on the first day of the shoot; he crooned in freezing temperature in the Alps. He said, “We started in the Alps, which was fantastic, because we were in an area in France that the book is set in. Literally, there was no acting required. You can see the steam, you can hear the cold in my voice as I’m singing. The brilliance, the guts of Cameron, Tom, and of everyone to decide to have the songs sung live right through gives the songs immediacy; we discovered that on the very first day.”

On singing with his fellow Aussie, Russell Crowe, Hugh remarked, “Remember, we had seven weeks of rehearsal. You can’t turn up at a musical and just hope to do it.”


New ‘Les Mis’ Article in ‘Entertainment Weekly’


A new article on Tom Hooper’s Les Misérables is featured in this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly (October 19th). I’ve added caps to the gallery, courtesy of “VictoriaVanDort.” There’s a lot of information about the actual set – not so much the actors – but it gives great insight into the production of an epic movie-musical. There’s also a few new film stills – including another of Hugh Jackman with Isabelle Allen (young Cosette) and the debut of the Thenardiers – as well as the progression of concept art to fully realized costumes and sets.

‘Les Miserables’ Featured in Entertainment Weekly (Aug. 24)


As part of a fall movie preview, Les Miserables is featured in the August 24th issue of Entertainment Weekly (with Breaking Dawn: Part II on the cover). Inside, there are quotes from Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, and director Tom Hooper; Hugh specifically talks about the long audition process it took for him to become Jean Valjean. There’s also a gorgeous new photo depicting Valjean comforting Fantine (Anne Hathaway, in a rich red gown) in the snow. Scans from the magazine have been added to the gallery, but you can currently pick it up at newsstands — but be quick, as EW rotates out very quickly.

‘The Wolverine’ Sydney Press Conference


Hugh Jackman attended the Sydney press conference for The Wolverine; which, I believe, is the first press junket for this film. He briefly talked to reporters about what to expect with the film and the pride he has over bringing the huge project to Australia. Check out a summary of talking points below:

“I am so happy to be home. To be shooting a movie of this magnitude here at home to me is one of the great privileges I’ve had in my career,” Jackman told reporters on the set of the film.

Director James Mangold rejected reports that Jessica Biel had pulled out as the female lead at the last minute but refused to comment on who would be playing the role of the villainous mutant Viper.

“The story couldn’t be more of a fantasy,” Mangold said of the reports.

The Wolverine sees Jackman reprise his most famous role as the superhero with metal claws and will be shot in Sydney after a Aus$12.8 million dollar grant from the Australian government.

Jackman, 43, joked that Prime Minister Julia Gillard, who visited the set Tuesday, could have a role in the movie, which sees Wolverine journey to Japan.

“It’s not a traditional role; it’s a stunt double role for myself,” he said.

“We just did a quick audition, she’s incredible. I don’t know if you know about her martial arts background; the movie is set in Japan and she really is very handy with the sword and with the nunchucks.”

Jackman, who admitted struggling to get into shape after packing on the pounds to play Jean Valjean in Les Miserables, said his role as Wolverine, which he first played 12 years ago, was “the backbone of my career.”

“I love the character. I still love the character,” he said.

“I had no choice at the time, I was going to take anything that came along, but I happened to have walked into probably the most interesting and complex of the superhero characters. I’ve always loved playing it and when I stop loving it I’ll stop doing it,” he added.


“Eddie Redmayne is Going to Blow People Away [in Les Mis],” says Hugh

In a new article from Vanity Fair, Hugh Jackman talks a little about the upcoming Les Miserables. Who among his cast was he most surprised by vocally? Check out his answer below:

The lawn was chockablock with festivalgoers on blankets. “Who’s been here all afternoon?” Jackman asked the crowd, receiving whoops and whistles in reply. “Who’s been drinking all afternoon?” he asked, to louder whoops. Jackman’s apparent high-energy level showcased his skill as an actor: “I finished Les Miz at 2 a.m. last night in London, and I can’t believe I’m standing,” he told VF Daily before taking the stage.

We asked if anybody on the Les Misérables set surprised him with his or her singing ability. “I suppose everybody, really,” Jackman said. “I don’t know about surprise. Everybody had to audition for this part, so there were no, like, surprises. It’s not like anybody came on set who hadn’t already had to show what they could do.”

Russell Crowe has dabbled in rock music, but can he carry Broadway melodies? “Oh, I knew he could sing. He’s fantastic,” Jackman told us. “Eddie Redmayne is going to blow people away. I mean, everybody.”

While shooting in the U.K., Jackman managed to take in a little bit of the Queen’s Jubilee festivities. “We had one day off over that weekend, and it was the day where it was raining torrentially, and they had that boat-regatta thing,” he said. He did not get to meet the royals, but said that he got to meet the Queen last October.

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