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Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal Unguarded in ‘Prisoners’

What is about to unfold, over steaming cups of tea on a recent Thursday evening, can only be described as an epic bromance between two very chiseled leading men.

“I hope this doesn’t come across as too much of a fluff piece with two actors who really, really loved working with one another,” Jake Gyllenhaal says with a sigh, a bit chagrined after spending an hour extolling the numerous virtues of Hugh Jackman.

The two geek out when they’re together, their conversation ranging from stupid paparazzi encounters in Manhattan to the times they watched ESPN in Gyllenhaal’s Prisoners trailer during filming. The two instantly bonded, and Jackman gives much of the credit to his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness.

“She has a lot of qualities of Jake, actually. When the two of them got together, Deb’s like, ‘I like him, he reminds me of me. He’s awesome,'” announces Jackman, grinning wickedly. “What comes into their heads comes out. They are idealistic, big dreamers, quite romantic. Both have a wicked sense of humor, very naughty. Don’t tell them what to do.”

He turns to Gyllenhaal, who looks almost teary-eyed. “You’ll tell me the (expletive) things about yourself, which most people want to hide about themselves, especially movie stars. Deb and I have been fans of Jake since October Sky — we’ve always thought that this kid is unbelievable.”


“The TODAY Show” (Sept. 2013)


Earlier today (September 18th), Hugh Jackman appeared on “The TODAY Show” to talk about Prisoners. Paired up with Matt Lauer, he spoke of the research entailed to make Keller Dover a believable character. Hugh was also challenged by Matt to take over hosting duties for a day, allowing him to fulfill his lifelong dream of being a morning talk show host. Although it’s short, I also recommend checking out this video, in which Hugh pops in to say hello to the “TODAY” panel.

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“The View” (Sept. 2013)

Yesterday, September 18th, Hugh Jackman appeared on “The View” to talk about Prisoners. Some of the discussion is about his son, Oscar, and the time he lost him while at a park at Sydney’s Bronte Beach. In this case, he was lucky paparazzi were nearby, as one photographer eventually alerted Hugh to his son’s presence: he was hiding in a tree! Hugh also talked about Swordfish and how his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness, reacted to a particularly racy scene in the film. Click the still image above to check out the video (he appears after the second commercial break, around fifteen minutes in).

“Ellen” (Sept. 2013)

I’ve not had a chance to watch this yet, but please enjoy!

“Extra” (Sept. 2013)


On September 13th, Hugh Jackman stopped by Universal Studios Hollywood to chat with “Extra’s” Maria Menounos. As part of the Prisoners promo tour, they talk about the film, including the question “how far would you go if your child went missing?” At the end of the interview – which is just under five minutes long – Hugh takes over hosting duties, honoring the would-be career if he hadn’t gone into acting.

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‘Prisoners’ Toronto Int’l Film Festival Press Conference


Earlier today (September 7th), Hugh Jackman attended the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival to continue his promotion of Prisoners. After a brief photo call with the cast – including Jake Gyllenhaal, Maria Bello, Melissa Leo, Paul Dano, and Terrence Howard – he joined them for a press conference. Along with director Denis Villeneuve, they answered various questions during a 40-minute panel, which you can watch below.

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