Fun & Games

» Adopt-a-Hugh
“Adopt” a certain character Hugh has played, a pairing in a film, or even a look he’s had on the red carpet.

» Caption This!
Submit witty or just plain silly captains for a variety of images.

» e-Pals
Connect with other Hugh fans around the world by becoming e-mail pen pals.

» Fan Experiences
Read encounters from lucky fans who have met Hugh.

» Favorite Project/Role
What’s your favorite project or role Hugh has done? Read others’ opinions here, too.

» Guess the Movie
Whether it’s a quote or screen cap, can you guess the Hugh Jackman film?

» Love Compatibility
Type in your name and see what your compatibility is with Hugh.

» Three Words
Fans describe Hugh in three words.

» Why?
Tell HJF why you love Hugh and his work as an actor.