First Look At Wayne Wang’s ‘Snow Flower And The Secret Fan’

IndieWire has just released an exclusive first look at the upcoming Wayne Wang-directed film, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan. You can visit the site for an official still, or check out the excerpt below for some details on Hugh Jackman’s role in the film.

So, with this focus on two friendships in different periods of Shanghai history, it might seem to be a strange fit for Hugh Jackman who, as it was revealed last year, makes a cameo appearance in the film. But Wang has long been impressed with Jackman’s stage talent and found a way to incorporate him into the film. “I saw him on Broadway in [’Peter Allen’] and—he’s a great song and dance guy—and I enjoyed him so much in that show and I’ve always wanted to do something like that with him. And then, in the script, there was a character that came up who is in Shanghai and he runs a lot of clubs and he recreates some old Shanghai songs and I just thought it would be great to hear Hugh Jackman sing in Chinese.”

“He did great. He is good with languages. I thought it would take him weeks at least to learn the song but he learned it pretty quickly,” Wang said about his performance in the film. But he’s keeping mum on where in the film it will appear saying, “It is a very lighthearted moment that leads to a traumatic moment, I won’t say more about it [laughs].”