“Hollywood has a hard time with westerns,” confirms Jackman

Many fans have been wondering about the fate of Unbound Captives, but finally a media source – MTV – has managed to ask Hugh Jackman a question on the project. He confirms that he’s still attached and that the movie has one of the best scripts he’s read in a long time, written by Madeleine Stowe. Unfortunately, he said that Hollywood has a hard time with westerns, so it’s not an easy sell. Check out the interview above.

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  1. Some of the greatest movies including several Oscar winners have been Westerns. They regularly fall out of favor and then come back better than ever. Since I haven’t read the script I have no way of knowing, but it sounds a great deal like the wonderful John Wayne film, “The Searchers”. If there is a strong similarity, that may be what is making Hollywood nervous rather than just that it is a western.

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    1. I’ll try to remember! I do generally prefer posting YouTube videos (they seem to lag less), but sometimes I don’t see them available at the time.

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