Hugh Jackman was “the Holy Grail” for Tom Hooper

Les Misérables fans might want to pop over to the Universal Pictures Awards website for some interesting, extra information on the production. Along with some costume sketches (under MEDIA), you can also find critical acclaim, cast/crew biographies, and amazingly thorough production notes. These notes span throughout the history of the musical, from stage to screen, with plenty of compliments to all involved. In one instance, director Tom Hooper had some extremely generous things to say about Hugh Jackman, which have been replicated below:

“It was the most thrilling audition I’ve ever done. Hugh’s command of acting through the medium of song is completely extraordinary. He can access an emotional life in himself through song almost more profoundly than through conventional dialogue. He is so fluent and so comfortable when he sings that one completely believes it’s his first choice of communication. He was the holy grail for me, a genius at both acting and singing.”