“Everything in my Professional Life has Pointed to [Les Mis],” says Hugh

In a new interview with Dubai Chronicle, Hugh Jackman talks very briefly about Les Misérables — including how he feels as if his career has led to his role as Jean Valjean. More prominently, he talks about the impact having children has left in his life, and how his own childhood has influenced how he raises both Oscar and Ava. The real treat is at the end of the article, when he highlights his “loves” and “hates.” Check out an excerpt below, then head to the source for the whole interview; it’s also been added to the press archive.

Q: Your big new film is Les Misérables. How satisfying is it to be part of a production like this?
It’s the high point of my career. I’ve been trying to do a movie musical for the longest time. I really have. When I hear that the movie version of Les Misérables was being made, I immediately threw my hat in that ring. This was a part I wanted very badly, and I feel in some way that everything in my professional life has pointed to this moment. I love acting, and I love doing musicals, and I’ve always wanted to combine those two interests, and now it’s finally come true with Les Misérables. It’s such a great feeling to be part of one of the most uplifting stories ever told about the human spirit.

Q: How do you compare your own approach to being the father of two children to your growing up without a mother after your parents divorced ?
I’ve been lucky to have a beautiful and generous wife to help me raise our children. It’s worlds apart. My dad had a hard time and it wasn’t that easy at our house. I was constantly fighting my next oldest brother and we were all living in chaos. Dad would come home late, usually not before 7 at night, and there was always some trouble going on. It wasn’t the best way to grow up, but it taught me to look out for myself and be very independent and disciplined. But I always wanted to create a very loving and caring environment for my own children. It’s my greatest accomplishment. There is no greater joy in life than watching your kids play and enjoy life while they grow up in front of your eyes. I can’t tell you how much I love taking my kids for walks and exploring the world with them when I travel. Deb and I have been blessed to have them in our lives.

Q: Was acting and showbusiness a way of expressing yourself and getting rid of anger in any way?
My friends tell me that I always had a pretty sunny disposition growing up so even though maybe I had reason to be angry about things, I’ve found out over the years, even with acting coaches that tried to get you to draw out those buried emotions, that that was never the case. I feel I have a lot to live for and to be happy about.