Hugh Talks Shower Songs, Coffee, and Les Mis

A new, brief interview has just surfaced, courtesy of the London Evening Standard. In it, Hugh Jackman talks about some Les Mis experiences (he’s on his second read-through of the novel now!), where he prefers to take his tea, and what song he likes to sing in the shower. An excerpt is below, but you can read the full interview at the source. It’s also been added to the press archive.

Is it true you call Russell Crowe ‘Twirly’ to provoke him for your fight scenes in Les Misérables?
That’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard. I call him Rusty and he calls me Jacker, we’re good mates.

A lot of people cry at the end. Did you?
I think I did tear up a bit. It’s a beautiful musical and the pedigree is amazing. I’ve read the book twice now and it’s such a great study of human nature, religion and politics.

After Spider-Man could Wolverine: The Musical be next?
Never say never. I mean, they did Jerry Springer: The Opera.

Do you find it hard to harmonise Hugh the action man with Hugh the all-singing, all-dancing twinkletoes?
No, I thrive on it. I like to do lots of different things, that’s what really turns me on. Maybe I’ve got a bit of ADD or something.

What’s your shower song?
Frank Sinatra’s Fly Me to the Moon.