Amanda Seyfried Talks of Hugh’s Award Surprise at the Tonys

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Amanda Seyfried (aka Cosette) briefly spoke about her Les Mis co-star, Hugh Jackman. Being that she was in attendance at the Tony Awards last night, it’s no surprise that the two ran into each other and had a chat. Here, she shares an anecdote about Hugh’s surprise over who would be presenting his Special Tony Award to him:

Did you and Hugh Jackman chat tonight during the Tonys?
I was sitting with my agent next to Deb [Jackman’s wife]. I found out this morning that she was presenting [Jackman’s special Tony Award]. Last week, we’re like who’s presenting your award? Because we both wrapped on Friday night. He flew out Saturday morning, I flew out Saturday night. He’s like, I don’t know. Is it you? I’m like, no, I’m pretty sure I’m not or I would have known. Then I found out I was presenting Featured Male Performer in a Musical, and then he was like, I don’t know who’s presenting my award. It’s a surprise. So this morning I showed up and I was like who is it? He was like, it’s Deb. When I saw his face…it’s the best person to have present an award like this, the person he loves most in this world. You can tell. He talks about her, he talks about his family, they come first. Yet he behaves like his job is the most important thing as well. It’s amazing how he can balance it.