Anne Hathaway Compliments Hugh, ‘Les Mis’ Co-Stars

Although not necessarily news in the standard sense, I always love sharing what people have to say about Hugh Jackman — it’s always wonderful! This time, when talking Yahoo, Anne Hathaway continued the trend of compliments towards her Les Misérables co-star. (He doesn’t get away without being called “naughty,” though.) Check out her kind words for Hugh and other Les Mis co-stars below:

TA: What was it like working with this stellar cast: Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Amanda Seyfried?
I always say, Hugh’s naughty, Russell is wicked, and Amanda is the worst. She is such a porcelain potty mouth. There was great camaraderie on set. We all hung out a lot off set. We also bonded by the fact that even though Russell and Hugh had so much experience, we were all doing something for the first time.

TA: You mean the live singing, where you had an earpiece playing the music and you sang while you acted instead of lip-syncing to prerecorded vocals?
Yes. Because of the newness of the live singing technique, we were all really open to each other and really invested. If Eddie had a breakthrough with something, then he shared it with us. We became bonded like a theater cast, doing show after show after show, even though every day felt like an opening and a closing. Getting to watch Russell Crowe on set was a master class. I knew Hugh was a wonderful actor and the greatest entertainer living today, but I wasn’t prepared for the depth of his dramatic chops. He set the bar for us all. He was absolutely our leader. The two of them inspired each other to step up their game.