Hugh Talks Food to Financial Times

As fans know by now, Hugh Jackman is a bit of a foodie. A new interview with Financial Times talks about some of his food/drink habits (including the first thing he eats when his Wolverine diet is finished), talk about coffee preferences, and inspiration behind Laughing Man, which recently launched in London. Check out an excerpt below, then head to the source to read the rest. It’s also been added to the press archive.

What is the best food or drink you’ve ever had on a film set?
The last meal of any Wolverine film, because I’m on a very strict diet for those movies. On the last day, I start with eggs Benedict and sultana bran. I have lasagna at some point; I have tiramisu. I have a milky cappuccino. If I haven’t thrown up by dinnertime, I have a hamburger. After five or six months of not eating carbohydrates, they’re usually what I feel like.

What is the first thing you eat or drink in the morning?
Half a litre of water when I wake up.

What were your school dinners like?
I made my own Vegemite sandwiches. They were terrible – I used frozen white bread. I always regretted it at lunchtime.

What do you make for a typical Sunday brunch?
For Sunday breakfast, I make orange and ricotta pancakes, crêpes and eggs. You know men, we usually go for breakfast because it’s the easiest thing to cook and then we try to make it seem fancy.

What do you consider bad manners at the table?
Cellphones. I’m a bit old school.