Hugh Appears on Australia’s “TODAY”


Early December 20th, Hugh Jackman appeared on Australia’s morning show, “TODAY,” to talk about Les Misérables. He was eventually joined by director Tom Hooper and producer Cameron Mackintosh to talk about the film, which was full of compliments. At the end, Hugh joins chef Curtis Stone to try a turkey roast recipe. Just as a notice: the first video doesn’t feature any interview and serves as a short summary of Hugh’s career, if you’re interested. The rest of the videos are below.

Entertainment News with Richard Wilkins

SUMMARY: “This morning we were delighted to welcome into our studio one of the world’s true superstars, Hugh Jackman. Entertainment Editor, Richard Wilkins, took a look back through Jackman’s incredible career and rise to fame.”

Hugh Jackman Takes over “TODAY”

SUMMARY: “Home-grown star, Hugh Jackman has had an impressive fortnight with award nominations galore and a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. ‘TODAY’ caught up with Hugh and chatted about his recent projects, family, training, and how he will be spending Christmas and the year ahead.”

Jackman, Hooper, Mackintosh Answer Questions

SUMMARY:Les Misérables Director and oscar winner Tom Hooper, along with Producer Extraordinaire Cameron Mackintosh joined Hugh and the ‘TODAY’ team to answer some viewer questions.”

SUMMARY: “‘TODAY’ was joined by author and celebrity chef Curtis Stone, who showed us how to perfect a roasted turkey with apricot-mustard glaze just in time for Christmas.”