Hugh Conducts ‘The Wolverine’ Fan Q&A

Yesterday, Hugh Jackman took some time out of his day to answer fan questions regarding his upcoming film, The Wolverine. The interview was conducted via Twitter, in which fans were encouraged to submit questions, which would then be answered by Hugh in a live stream. There are eleven videos total – all of them pretty short – which you can view below.

What’s your favorite thing about playing Wolverine?

How much training & preparation goes into doing a film like this?

How does Japan factor into The Wolverine?

How has your approach to Wolverine changed over the years?

Would you like to live as long as the character, Wolverine, lives? Why or why not?

Tell us about the cast in The Wolverine. What was it like working with them?

What scene are you most excited for us to see in The Wolverine?

When you’re on the set all day, is it tough to turn off being Wolverine after? Catch yourself calling people “bub”?

Wolverine has always been part of a group. In this one, you carry the entire film. What was the pressure like?

How was your experience working with James Mangold as director?

Anything you can tell us about X-Men: Days Of Future Past?