Hugh Covers Men’s Health (August 2013)

Hugh Jackman says filming The Wolverine has allowed him to unleash his explosive inner beast in a controlled way after revealing he’s been keeping the lid on personal anger issues.

“When I was younger I was very explosive. I used to let most of it out playing rugby. I’m not as explosive now but in a sense it’s still there,” confessed the Aussie hunk. “It’s in our DNA. Aggression is a primal thing and it needs to be exorcised in some way; far better to have it in a controlled violent environment. So in a way playing Wolverine is good therapy.”

The 44-year-old said he’s gone to great lengths to calm down over the last two decades. “I meditate. I’ve been doing it for the last 20 years. I practise different strains of meditation and its really changed my life. It is not a religious thing.”

Meanwhile, the beefcake says he now plans to become a vegan after consuming ridiculous piles of red meat to get ripped for the new superhero flick, which hits our cinema screens next month. “I eat one steak a day minimum. Now I don’t know any doctors recommending a 12oz steak every day. I’m pretty sure that’s not good. And my carbon footprint is disgusting,” Jackman told Men’s Health magazine. “Still, I think after this film I need to be vegan for a while, just as my way of giving back to the animals.”

Jackman, who showed off his ribbed body in Les Misérables, says he pushed his body to the limit to perfect his clawed X-Men fighter. He said: “The bottom line is you’ve got to train until you want to throw up and you have to eat until you want to throw up. And that’s pretty much it.”