Hugh Encourages Kristin Chenoweth’s Return to Broadway

Since news has been pretty slow, how about a sweet anecdote? About a year ago, Hugh Jackman and Kristin Chenoweth took part of a reading for On the Twentieth Century. There were rumors at the time that Hugh might be starring in a future production, but that no longer appears to be the case. However, according to, he appears to have lent his support towards Kristin, encouraging her to go forth with the project. Here’s what she had to say on Hugh’s advice:

“He said something so great after the reading,” Chenoweth told Paul Wontorek during an episode of the popular talk show Show People that will run on March 1. “He said, ‘Kris, I don’t have to do this [show]. It isn’t something I feel I have to do, but you do. You gotta do this part!”