Hugh is an “Olympic Junkie”

Entertainment Weekly talked to Hugh Jackman during June’s Tropfest in New York, where they discussed the then-upcoming London 2012 Olympics. To fans of Hugh – who played many sports in school and still retains a deep interest in them – it’s no surprise that the actor considers himself an “Olympic junkie” and makes sure to watch a number of events during the games. Here are two select quotes of his, one of which he jokes about becoming a badminton player:

On his favorite event(s): “I’m an Olympic junkie. I don’t normally watch a lot of boxing, but Olympic boxing is the most exciting there is. I love the weight lifting. I love swimming. I love track — I was a high jumper in school. I watch it all! It’s ridiculous.”

On becoming a contender: “You know what I’d like to do? Badminton! I mean, I’m not that talented a player, and — I don’t want to be disparaging — but the amount of people who are really talented who go into badminton is a small number. I’d say 90 percent go into tennis. So I figure my chance of actually making it in badminton is higher.”