Hugh Jackman at Audi Forum Dallas Gives Advice to Oscar Hosts, Hathaway and Franco


Hugh Jackman spoke to Cristina Gibson at E! Online yesterday, where he gave advice to this year’s Oscar hosts, Anne Hathaway and James Franco. Jackman was attending the Super Bowl ’11 celebration hosted by Audi at the Audi Forum Dallas. Here’s what he had to say:

“It’s a long show. I actually took out cookies during one of the commercial breaks because I had a note from my wife saying ‘You’re doing a great job’ and I was really hungry. So we had some cookies and I got mobbed! You’ve never seen anything like it. All these A-list actors just mobbing for me chocolate chip cookies.”

And while Hugh definitely urges James and Anne to eat something, how about having a few drinks before they take the stage?

“Maybe near the end, but it’s too long,” Hugh said, “I wouldn’t know how to negotiate that!”

The Aussie actor (who attended the Audi bash sans wife Deborra-Lee Furness) also says remember to keep the show moving, especially as celebs start turning into sore losers.

“The first 45 minutes…you just have fun. Go out there and have a great time,” he urged, “The last three or four hours, just move it! Just get going because the air goes out of the crowd. Once the awards start getting out, people start leaving, people start losing. Then it becomes a different atmosphere.”