Hugh Jackman: From Wolverine Claws to a Theatre’s Applause

Another article – this one courtesy of Canada’s The Globe & Mail – has been added to the Press Archive. The piece highlights the upcoming shows in Toronto and what to expect, including a moment of intimacy with a segment devoted to Hugh’s wife. It’s a really great introspective article with some nice details. See an excerpt below:

It’s tough, all this multitasking. Every two hours, Hugh Jackman was supposed to eat a mini-meal – vegetables and lean protein only – to bulk up for the film he’ll be shooting in the fall, The Wolverine, yet another iteration of his adamantium-clawed X-Men character. But as fast as he was putting calories in, he was burning them off, because he was also prepping a two-week run of a song-and-dance show, complete with an 18-piece orchestra, that he’ll launch July 5 at Toronto’s Princess of Wales Theatre. On a June afternoon about a month before his opening, he was holding court in the basement bar of the theatre next door, chatting up such an eager succession of reporters that all he had time to ingest were some nuts and a bottle of vitamin water.

Still, something was working. Jackman, 42, was super-charming, engaged, Aussie accent in full bloom. He made the reporter before me blush by telling her she was the spitting image of his first girlfriend, when he was 14. “She dumped me at a bus stop,” he said. “She was crazy,” the reporter managed to stammer. When I faced him, he looked tall (he’s 6-foot-3) and trim in a short-sleeved polo shirt. But then he crossed his arms behind his head, and – bam! – out popped humongous biceps, like mountains on the horizon of his humeri.

Jackman has always been a mixed bag. Nasty enough for action flicks (Swordfish, Van Helsing), pretty enough for romances (Australia, Kate & Leopold), soulful enough for dramas (The Fountain, The Prestige), he was also gutsy enough to put his film career on hold at its first peak in 2003 and head to Broadway to play Peter Allen, the gay Australian choreographer, in the musical The Boy from Oz.

“The idea of doing Broadway in sequins for a year didn’t seem smart,” Jackman says. “But I’d been offered the part years earlier and strategized my way out of it. When I saw how terrific it was, it made me sick to the stomach that I’d let it go. I wasn’t going to let that happen again.” He won a Tony for it, and a three-year gig hosting the Tony Awards. And he no longer strategizes.

“My agent does, a bit,” Jackman says, “but only as far as ‘I think you’ve got the talent to be an actor when you’re 85, and I want to protect that.’ It’s long-term, which I like.”


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  1. He’s got a pretty darned good handle on who he is, what he does best and how it all translates long term. He’s evolved to understand the best type of movie roles for him also. Though I had doubts at times because there were too many years between stage gigs, I think his career is poised for the long haul and unfolding as it should. This is most definitely a blessing for all of his fans!

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