Hugh Jackman Launches Laughing Man Coffee

A new brand of specialty coffee sponsored by Hugh Jackman has just been launched. Laughing Man Coffee supports local farmers using sustainable techniques to harvest their own coffee, tea, and chocolates. The effort was inspired by Dukale, a coffee farmer Hugh met during a trip to Ethiopia for World Vision. (You can check out the documentary, Seeds of Hope, on Vimeo.) If you’re interested in purchasing any of the products, visit the Laughing Man Coffee site right here.

More information on this new partnership, courtesy of Variety, can be read below:

It should come as no surprise that Hugh Jackman, the Tony award–winning triple threat—who performed a one-man show and promoted two of his films this year—is an avid coffee drinker. But his latest venture, Laughing Man coffee, has less to do with his love of caffeine and more with his desire to give back.

While on a trip to Ethiopia as a World Vision ambassador in 2009, Jackman befriended Dukale, a coffee farmer with an environmentally sustainable practice that supported his growing family. “I spent half a day working in the farm and learning the harvesting process, and I understood how hard his life is,” said Jackman from London, where he is promoting his latest film, Real Steel, “But I was also inspired. Despite the family’s hardships, they remained so positive, and were simultaneously doing great things for the environment.” Jackman returned from his trip, ready to act: “I promised Dukale I’d do whatever I could to support him, and farmers like him.”

Jackman made good on that promise, starting Laughing Man coffee, a company that teams up with farmers who focus on sustainable practices throughout the world to create coffee, tea, and chocolate. By paying farmers a premium for their high-end product, Laughing Man hopes to improve their lives and subsequently the well-being of their communities. “It’s great coffee,” says Jackman, “and I want people to buy it because it’s good, and they like it. The bonus here is that it will also give back.”


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  1. I’m glad to see Hugh involved in another charity project. The products look gorgeous and some of those teas look extremely enticing! My only complaint is that the site doesn’t seem to ship to anywhere outside the US/Canada at the moment o__o;;
    Hopefully it’s just a temporary site glitch since the promotional video did seem to suggest that this is an international project.

    1. Right now, it appears they’re only taking pre-orders so the site may be in a trial run. I hope (for everyone’s sake) that they’ll expand the shipping as well!

      1. Jenny & Kristina,

        Thanks for your interest in Laughing Man Coffee, and I am happy to hear your are as excited about it as we are. We are certainly setting up to be as international as our message is. We are in a soft launch phase and hope by the time or soon after our official launch in mid October we will begin shipping internationally. Thanks again for your support!

        David Steingard, CEO Laughing Man

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