Hugh Jackman Talks About Upcoming Stint in Toronto

A new article from NOW Magazine has been added to their website. In it, Hugh talks about his upcoming one-man shows in Toronto. Additionally, HJF is excited to announce the new Press Archive! It’s going to be major work-in-progress for quite some time, but eventually it’ll house a respectably comprehensive collection of articles and interviews featuring Hugh. You can already find this new article – entitled “Jackman of all trades” – right here.

Like the movie mutant he plays onscreen, Hugh Jackman leads a double life. He’s a glamorous movie star as well as a Broadway singer and dancer. He fuses both his showbiz talents this week in Hugh Jackman In Concert.

Sitting in a bordello-like sub-level of the Royal Alex, Jackman exudes charisma in a black polo shirt, gamely reeling off stories in his Australian twang about a college drama instructor who did all his casting by drawing a straight line from students’ names on the class list to the play’s cast list.

“He was a Trotskyist, this guy,” he explains, grinning.

That didn’t dull his enthusiasm for the live stage, however.

“Every time I see a play, I think, ‘I want to be up there!’” he says, his voice filled with energy. “It feels like a massive indulgence. An 18-piece orchestra playing my favourite music.”