Hugh Jackman to Bring his One-Man Show to London!

Great news for Londoners and folks nearby: Hugh has told The Daily Mail that he’ll be bringing his one-man show to the English city. Because he’ll be filming Les Miserables at the time, the performances won’t be nightly, but he intends on getting onstage every Sunday evening. (Not only that, but there’s confirmation that he’s intending on bringing the act to Broadway next year!) An excerpt from the article, including information that could be beneficial to fans, is included below:

“I loved that ‘anything can happen,’ relaxed feel about Sinatra — and viewing Peter Allen’s tapes also taught me a lot,” he said. “We’re planning to do some Sunday night concerts when I’m in London in the spring.

“We’re looking for the right space, and the idea is to do the shows when I’ve got time off from Les Miserables. I just want them to be fun,” he told me, adding jokingly: “I feel like I should have a whisky in my hand, like Dean Martin, and then get Robbie Williams to come on and join me.”

Hugh said he expected to perform his concert show on Broadway in October next year.

He told me he met director Hooper for a three-hour audition for Les Mis. “I got cast early, because there was another movie I could do and I didn’t want to wait and get to November to find I had no movie at all. I told them that and I eventually got it.”

The stage version is completely sung through with no spoken dialogue. “That’s not going to work on film, so there’s now dialogue and songs,” said Hugh. “Tom’s take on the film is very exciting.”

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