Hugh Raps on New Album by The Lonely Island

If you’re a fan of “Saturday Night Live” – and even if you don’t follow the program – then you definitely know of The Lonely Island, the rap trio consisting of comedians Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer, and Jorma Taccone. They’re most noted for the Emmy-winning song “Dick in a Box,” “Jizz in My Pants,” “Like a Boss,” and the Grammy-nominated “I’m on a Boat.” In a couple of weeks, on June 11th, they’ll be releasing their third album entitled The Wack Album — and there’s a very special guest on one track.

Along with Kristen Wiig, Hugh Jackman will be singing on a song called “You’ve Got The Look.” Actually, to clarify, according to Andy Samberg himself, the number features Hugh rapping — something he had to get a little schooling for. Check out Andy’s account of finding Hugh for the song:

Possibly the most surprising guest appearance comes from Hugh Jackman on the song, “You’ve Got the Look.”

The sultry rap track is about a scantily girl in a club seeking attention… by exposing one of her breasts. “I’d like to think you were looking in the mirror/ Said to yourself, ‘Something’s not right here.’/ Time to shake things up, so you shook one out/ Your hair wasn’t working so you took one out.”

Samberg explained how Jackman wound up rapping about an exhibitionistic woman: “I played [Jackman] on ‘SNL’ and did a terrible impression of him,” said Samberg. “It was all about how he plays two sides in his career, where he’s this Broadway guy but he’s also the action hero. And he loved it, so he came on ‘SNL’ and played Daniel Radcliffe and I played him again. When we went to do ‘You’ve Got the Look,’ I had done all the temp vocals and we were brainstorming about who would be the best guest star. Akiva said, ‘How about Hugh?’ And I was like, ‘I kinda know him!’ So we sent it to him and he said, ‘Yes, absolutely.'”

Since Jackman’s not a natural rapper, the guys in The Lonely Island walked him through his parts. But for more actual hip-hop professionals, the comedians usually gave them a little guidance and then let them loose.


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