Hugh to Receive Zurich Festival’s Golden Icon

This year, the annual Zurich International Film Festival will be honoring Hugh with the Golden Icon Award, which has previously been given to actors such as Sean Penn, Michael Douglas, and Morgan Freeman. The film festival will run from September 26th – October 6th, with the presentation of Hugh’s award on Sept 28th. Hugh will be at Zurich to not only accept the Icon Award but to present his latest film, Prisoners, during the Gala Premiers section of the festival.

Check out what Zurich’s festival director, Karl Spoerri, said about honoring Hugh:

Hugh Jackman is in a class by himself as a multi-talented entertainer with a global following. There is nothing he can’t do and he proves this time and time again with every project he’s involved in. We’re honored to recognize his brilliant career at the Zurich Film Festival.