Isabelle Allen Talks about Working with Hugh Jackman

If you’re been following Les Misérables at all (and let’s hope you have been), you’ll undoubtedly have noticed the movie’s poster featuring a young girl with hair blowing to the side; an ode to the iconic imagery used in the stage musical. Isabelle Allen is the girl on that poster, playing young Cosette. When speaking to Eastbourne Herald, she elaborated on her experience when working on the set and, specifically, her camaraderie with co-star Hugh Jackman:

If it sounds glamorous rubbing shoulders with Hollywood stars, it was definitely hard work.

As Isabelle explained, “I had to spend around an hour every day in make-up – they had to do things like painting my teeth – and a lot of the time I was walking around bare foot. It was really, really cold. Even when we filmed inside they used fake snow that was freezing. Hugh Jackman asked the director if he could give me something called diving socks but he wanted it to be genuine. My character was meant to be cold so it helped if I was.

Far from being a precocious child star, Isabelle was praised by the director and production staff for her patience and professionalism –- no doubt helped by the odd tip given to her by her co-stars.

Hugh Jackman, of X-Men fame, was someone she became particularly close to. “It was a brilliant experience and I really enjoyed it,” she said. “Everyone was so friendly it was like a big family. Whenever I was cold people were wrapping me in blankets.

“Hugh Jackman was really nice and friendly. He was funny and helped me a lot. He gave me a great tip on how to look scared but told me not to tell anyone what it was.

“There is a picture of us sitting on a wall during rehearsals -– he is telling me how annoying I was! He was great fun.”