‘Les Mis’ Director, Tom Hooper, Sings Hugh’s Praises

From awards to a star in Hollywood, there’s been a lot of kind words about Hugh Jackman this week. Tom Hooper, director of Les Misérables, is no stranger to sharing how he feels about his Jean Valjean. When speaking to USA Today, he stated that he was “thrilled” about Hugh’s SAG Awards nomination (as well as his own film’s) and complimented the man on his humble nature. Check out the quote below:

“I’m so thrilled, and particularly for Hugh. He’s getting his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this morning, and yesterday he was beyond thrilled about the SAG nomination. And the great thing about Hugh is, he doesn’t feel like he’s entitled to anything. He was really such a great leader on this film; he carried the picture from the start.”

Additionally, when speaking to Huffington Post, Hooper revealed that Hugh Jackman essentially got Les Misérables greenlit. After sending Universal clips of Hugh singing essential Valjean songs from the popular musical, they apparently got the great idea that it was time to send the film into production:

Hooper gave Hugh Jackman, who plays Jean Valjean, the unfairly persecuted fugitive at the center of the film, credit for persuading Universal to back the $60 million project. “There haven’t been many ‘through-song’ musicals,” he said, referring to the way the cast sings basically throughout the entire film instead of alternating between spoken dialogue and sung numbers.

“There have been two, in fact: Evita and Tommy. And neither of them were sung live. The history of through-sung musicals doesn’t offer much cause for optimism, from a box-office perspective.” To cinch the deal, Hooper shot video of Jackman, in casual clothes, singing three of Valjean’s big songs – “Soliloquy,” “Who Am I?,” and “Bring Him Home” – and sent it to the studio. “That’s what sold them,” he said.