LOST Writer Penning ‘Indiana Jones’-esque Film for Hugh Jackman

It seems Hugh Jackman is very busy nowadays, what with announcements of Les Miserables, potential stops on Broadway, and bringing his one-man show around the world. Well, there’s something else even bigger brewing. Carlton Cuse, one of the writers from “LOST,” dropped a tidbit during an interview with Screen Junkies about a very interesting project for Hugh:

What are you working on now?
I’m working on a show for ABC that’s set against the backdrop of the Civil War. Then I’m writing a movie for Hugh Jackman and 20th Century Fox, a big sort of Indiana Jones action/adventure movie, for Hugh Jackman and the director Shawn Levy. We’ve been very closed about all the details but it’s going well and everybody’s excited about it.

Q: Do you want to draw on somewhat real mythology or totally invent your own?
All I can say is that it’s a unique world and I think it’s going to give an opportunity for Hugh Jackman to play a character in a world that’s really exciting. If you’re a fan of the Indiana Jones movies, you’ll love this movie.

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  1. I happened to be watching a documentary on Gregory Peck last night and was struck by the similarity in looks. Peck said he regretted not doing more comedies instead of so many dramas and westerns. In Hugh’s case I would like to see more drama and less adventure/Sci Fi. He needs to break the mold a bit and get more variety into the filmography.

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