‘Les Misérables’ New York Press Junket

It looks like yesterday, December 1st, Hugh Jackman took part in the New York press junket for Les Misérables. (There was a candid photo from yesterday of him wearing the same outfit and hairstyle, so I’m assuming the junket took place yesterday.) As I did during the Sydney press day, I’ll be posting all interviews of Hugh Jackman promoting Les Mis in a masterpost – this one – to keep from overloading the main page with videos; the newest are listed first. Click MORE to watch on!

Hugh, the Family Man, Prefers His Chaos

Although a short interview, this one is pretty sweet: Hugh Jackman talks about his physical transformation for Les Misérables before he talks about being a family man. After growing up with such a large family, he says he appreciates the chaos — but that he’s still a pretty strict dad (the “bad cop”). He also mentions his worst Christmas present ever, which was decidedly not a boogie board.

Hugh is Adding Jean Valjean to his One-Man Show

Although about Les Mis, this interview does touch upon some new subjects. Hugh talks about previously being offered movie-musicals (and “stupidly” turning one down), and the physicality of Wolverine versus Jean Valjean (where he gets into details on the hardest scenes shot for Les Mis — both of which involve the cold). As an added bonus for any fans who will see future one-man shows of his, Hugh Jackman confirmed that he’ll be adding some Jean Valjean to his revised set list.

Hugh Gives Singing Lessons to Extra’s Ben Lyons

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Although a relatively short interview, this one is pretty fun due to both Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe. Hugh comes in first and talks about Les Mis – the movie-musical adaptation – actually being relatively close to stage work, considering all the live singing done on set. After talking about auditions, Ben Lyons asks for advice for his own singing, and that’s when things get a little silly. Russell’s bit at the end is much shorter, but he talks about why he exercises (and documents it on Twitter); his response is quite funny — and explicit.

Russel Praises Hugh for Having “Grace”

In this interview with Entertainment Tonight, Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway, Russell Crowe, and Amanda Seyfried talk – what else? – Les Misérables. What really shone in this video, however, were Russell and Amanda’s compliments towards their co-star. Russell comments that Hugh “approaches life with such a degree of grace” and praises how he gave his time to each member of the impressive ensemble, including the younger cast playing students. Amanda, on the other hand, threatens to pull a Kanye at the Academy Awards if anyone but Hugh is announced as Best Actor winner. Very cute!

Hugh and Russell Crowe Talk ‘Les Mis’ Buzz

In this E! interview, both Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe discuss Les Misérables — and about Oscar buzz. Russell compliments Hugh by saying he hopes his co-star is recognized by the Academy, while Hugh says that he hopes Les Mis is a success because it may translate to more movie-musicals being made. He also talks about the Friday night parties Russell used to have with the Les Mis cast, which included lots of karaoke to loosen everyone up before having to sing live on set.

Hugh Praises Relevancy of ‘Les Misérables’

Although a very subdued interview, this one really taps into Hugh’s insight on Les Misérables, the novel by Victor Hugo. Specifically, he praises how relevant the book/its story is to this day: politically, socially, all around the world. It’s a great answer, which allows people to see how consumed he is by this beautiful, universal tale. He also shares one of his top on set memories, which included a moment where he felt he was incredibly lucky to have been part of such an epic, close-knit production.

“I Would Love Nothing More than for [‘Les Mis’] to Get Recognized,” says Hugh

Although this interview doesn’t exclusively feature Hugh Jackman (Russell Crowe and Anne Hathaway also make an appearance), it is pretty heavily focused on our Jean Valjean. Hugh mentions that he’d “love nothing more than for [Les Misérables] to get recognized, saying that he hopes it translates to more movie-musicals being made. He also shows a humble moment by saying that he and wife Deborra-Lee still get excited when walking into hotel rooms, feeling blessed that his life as an actor has led him to so much joy.

Hugh Says that ‘Les Misérables’ is “Timeless”

If you’re looking for a good, long, and comprehensive interview all revolving around Les Misérables, this one might be you. Featuring Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried, Eddie Redmayne, and Samantha Barks, the various one-on-one interviews covers a lot of ground. Not to mention, Jake the Movie Guy is a terrific journalist, covering subjects and asking questions derived from deep research and what appears to be a genuine interest in all his guests. Hugh in particular speaks of what song of his most benefitted from singing live on set, the advice he’d give to his younger self auditioning for Beauty and the Beast, and which of his films he thinks will resonate to audiences in 150 years. There’s also an anecdote during Eddie’s part (at 16:30) about “Bring Him Home” that Hugh fans might want to check out.

‘Les Mis is About “Love, Hope, Grace, Redemption…” and Coffee?

This interview features Hugh talking about Les Misérables as being a perfect holiday movie because it has universal themes: love, hope, grace, redemption… and coffee?! He mentions that he had to skip on caffeine while filming the musical to keep his throat in top shape for all the singing (especially because “there’s no easy scene in Les Misérables“).

“Hugh Jackman’s Performance [as Valjean] is Nothing Short of Spectacular,” says Russell Crowe

In this interview from Australia’s “Today,” we get to hear not only from Hugh Jackman but also his Les Mis co-stars, Russell Crowe and Anne Hathaway. Hugh mentioned that the role was “the most challenging, but also the most rewarding” — and it seems to show. Russell sings Hugh’s praises and Oscar chances, saying that Hugh’s “performance in this movie is nothing short of spectacular” and that it is “deserving of an Academy Award nomination.” Around the 3:20 mark, there’s some previously never before seen footage from filming, including a clip of “Lovely Ladies” and even Hugh singing “2-4-6-0-1!”