‘Real Steel’ Screen Caps Added to Gallery


Over 1800 HD, Blu-Ray screen captures from Real Steel can now be viewed in the gallery! You can also find caps of special features from the DVD as well, including bloopers, a Building the Bots featurette, and a Making the Metal Valley featurette that goes behind the scenes during a very dramatic moment in the film. Enjoy!

“Get to [the] Warrambeen Film Festival,” says Hugh

Hugh and Family Go for a Stroll in NYC


Hugh Lands at LAX


New Lipton Ice Tea Commercial

A few months back, Hugh Jackman was spotted in Budapest filming a new commercial for Lipton Ice Tea. Now you can finally see the finished product! Watch the video above, or check out an extended cut here (which is an entire minute longer). Additionally, if you want to see some behind the scenes footage, you might want to give this video a go.

Hugh and Deb Walk Home After Bringing Ava to School


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