Hugh Attends the Opening of ‘Richard III’


Already looking vaguely Valjean, Hugh Jackman arrived at the BAM Peter Jay Sharp Building on January 18th to check out Richard III, directed by Sam Mendes. Kevin Spacey, playing the title character, has been getting rave reviews – both in London and now in New York. Seems like Hugh is still trying to check out a few NY-based productions before he’s due overseas for Les Miserables.

‘Snow Flower’ Screen Caps Added

I’ve finally added about 130 screen caps of Snow Flower and the Secret Fan to the gallery. Hugh isn’t in this film a lot, but his scenes are quality — especially him singing in Mandarin! I’ll soon have HD caps of Real Steel as well. In the meantime, you can pre-order it on Amazon right here. Enjoy!

Congratulations to Hugh on his People’s Choice Award!

The People’s Choice Awards were held earlier this evening (January 11th), and Hugh Jackman was one of the lucky recipients of the fan-vote award — this year, beating out Ryan Reynolds, Shia LaBeouf, Taylor Lautner, and Vin Diesel for Favorite Action Movie Star (for Real Steel). Congratulations, Hugh! Although they didn’t announce the winner for that particular award on the televised program, you can check out a “thank you” video from Hugh himself above.

Hugh and Ava Walk Dali


Hugh Jackman on “The Chew”


Hugh appeared on “The Chew” earlier today, January 9th, partaking in all sorts of foodie activities while talking about his own endeavor with Laughing Man Coffee. Residents from the U.S. can watch the episode right here. If an international version becomes available, I’ll post it as well.

Highlights include: his take on resolutions (and how it compares with Deb’s), Les Miserables (including a funny tale on just how much more reading he has to go with the novel itself), a quick-fire round of questions with some surprising answers (mangoes being Hugh’s “sexy food”), and two segments (with Mario Batali and Michael Symon) where Hugh helps cook.

Hugh Attends NY Giants Vs NY Jets Game

(From Dec. 24th. Sorry about the delay on these — completely overlooked them!)

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