James Mangold in Talks to Direct Another Wolverine Film

Deadline broke the news earlier today that director James Mangold (Kate & Leopold) is in talks with Fox to direct a follow-up film to The Wolverine. With strong international numbers for the recent Japanese saga ($413 million worldwide), Fox is apparently interested in exploring more of the character. Mangold is currently making a deal to write the treatment, while “X-Men franchise matriarch” Lauren Shuler Donner is already attached to produce should the project move forward.

The storyline is being kept under tight wraps, but is anyone else interested in seeing Hugh tackle Old Man Logan? I think it’d be a perfect way to bow out of the franchise, if he’s thinking of storing the claws for good in coming years.

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  1. I think Hugh could easily move forward and say goodbye to Logan. As we all know, Mr Jackman is such a great artist, he can do anything, but he still ages while Logan/Wolverine does not…

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