Hugh Jackman Attends ‘Real Steel’ Premiere in Sydney


3 Comments on “Hugh Jackman Attends ‘Real Steel’ Premiere in Sydney”

  1. Hahahaha, people are so crazy fast! I was only there to see him walk the red carpet about 3 hours ago. xDD
    (Guh he’s so amazing)
    Glad to see him back in his home town. =)

    1. Usually it takes hours for pictures to be released, but they were so quick this time around! Impressive, photojournalists.

      Hope you had fun at the red carpet! :)

  2. AMAZING TIME!! Got a photo’s, hug, small chat, a kiss on the cheek! :D heheh Autograph!. He was everything i expected and sooo much more! <3 Wooooooow! :D

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