Hugh Jackman Brings Daughter to School, Goes to the Gym

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  1. Dear Sir

    There is no need to publish this, but I am seeking a way to contact Hug Jackman.

    Interrelate Family Centres is a not-for-profit organisation fund a national bullying education / performing arts program in Australia:

    SOS…Save Our Schools from Bullying.

    SOS will provide ten original ‘easy’ reading books focussing on Bullying Awareness, four bullying education lesson plans linked to the school curriculum outcomes and a DVD containing step-by-step instructions for a mini children’s musical performance centred around the story line of the easy-reader. All materials will be sent at no cost to 6,414 schools in Australia, that is every Primary school.

    The original picture-story book has been created by published author/illustrator, Ms Gaye Dell who is also an Australian Olympic Champaign.

    We are seeking Hugh Jackman to give an endorsement on the back of the SOS book. We can send the book in eBook or pdf format.

    Could you please advise a method of contact him.

    Many Thanks

    Edward Coates

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