New Layouts for Hugh Jackman Fan!

As much as I still adored Celyn’s beautiful designs, I thought it was time for Hugh Jackman Fan to get a facelift. The wonderful Hillie at Patchwork Designs has created two absolutely beautiful layouts: both on the main page and for the gallery. I’ve been wanting to order from her for a very, very long time and the wait was well worth it. I’m pleased, and I hope everyone else stopping in is as well!

2 Comments on “New Layouts for Hugh Jackman Fan!”

  1. Hello !
    The first header is wonderful ! =3 (two are of course !) But I wanted to know exactly where can we find this photoshoot (the country one) ? I did not find it…Thank you very much, and congratulations for ordered this so beautiful design…I am very in love with it !

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