Aaron Sorkin Gives Updates on ‘Houdini’

News on the upcoming Broadway production entitled Houdini has been relatively sparse, but Aaron Sorkin has just recently given some insight on the project. Still in development, it appears that a workshop with Hugh might be happening later this very month! Check out what he said about the project in development:

In addition to your work on the Houdini musical and, potentially, further seasons of “The Newsroom,” how will you find time for all of these assignments? How do you decide what takes priority?
The priority is what’s right in front of me. The writing and the shooting of the first season of “The Newsroom” is done and what’s left is post-production. Work on Houdini has been underway for a while, with Stephen Schwartz and I meeting regularly — either in New York or L.A. — to map out the show we’re doing (also not a biography), move index cards around a board, listen to first drafts of songs and read first drafts of scenes. That work will get more intense as we head for a June 25 stumble-through with Hugh [Jackman].