“[Houdini] is vintage Schwartz, it’s gorgeous,” says Jack O’Brien

Finally, there’s some news on the upcoming original musical, Houdini. Broadway.com recently spoke to director Jack O’Brien, and he spilled the beans on what to expect with the music. We also have somewhat of a timeline on what to expect with further advances in the musical-making progress, as an Act I reading is scheduled to take place in January. Check out the information below:

“The two ballads Stephen has written, one that closes Act I and one that closes the show, are among the greatest things he’s ever written,” O’Brien recently told Broadway.com. “Hugh just kills with them. It’s vintage Schwartz, it’s gorgeous,” O’Brien said of the Wicked composer’s newest score, noting it echos music from the 1920s, when the story is set.

Oscar-winning Social Network scribe Aaron Sorkin is penning the musical’s book and taking a different narrative route than that of a traditional biography. Instead, the musical tells the story of an epic battle between Houdini and a trio of women, known as ‘Spiritualists,’ who convinced millions of people they could communicate with the dead.

Jackman and the show’s creative team are “working our butts off,” according to O’Brien. A read-through of the show’s first act is scheduled for January. Jackman will then take a break to film the police drama Prisoners with Jake Gyllenhaal, then reconvene on Houdini in March and April.