More Talk on ‘Houdini’ from Aaron Sorkin

In an interview with Vulture, Aaron Sorkin was asked about past, present, and future writing commitments. Of course, that meant some brief insight on the upcoming Houdini musical, starring Hugh Jackman. Nothing too new, although it sounds like Sorkin may have given us a hint on a potential plot within the show. Check out what he said below:

Are you still working on the Broadway musical Houdini?
Yes! We wrap “The Newsroom” Tuesday night, but I’m going to stay here Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday for work sessions with Stephen Schwartz, the composer. Houdini, by the way, is not going to be a biography. It’ll be Hugh Jackman as Houdini—and it’s very much about this wild, epic struggle he had with these women who called themselves spiritualists. They packed people into theaters partly because they were wearing diaphanous gowns. But they would hold ­séances—they did all these things where they could communicate with the dead—and they drove Harry out of his mind, and Harry would delight in exposing their act in his act. In fact, there’s always been a rumor in magic circles that one of these spiritualists had Houdini killed and that’s why he died. He died of a burst appendix. But as long as there’s a rumor, we’ve got ourselves a musical!